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  • Anonymous asked a question 4 hours ago
    Anonymous does kurt follow your blog?

    Kurt doesn’t even have a Facebook. He’s an old man. 

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    Kurt and me pretending to be a family.

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  • Anonymous asked a question 5 hours ago
    Anonymous hey Ruby! first, I am not asking you this out of malicious intent. I noticed that you post quite a few things out of self love, saying how you look great today, how you are a babe, etc. It may be a cultural (West vs East) thing but to me it can be very off putting. Some people think the opposite has to be putting yourself down which is very toxic, but something I personally value is being humble, grounded, letting actions speaking for themselves. Why do you seem to 'sell' yourself?

    I think I do that sometimes because I’m trying to convince myself. You know, kind of a positive affirmation type of thing — fake it til you make it! I also think as a woman it’s a good example to set to other women to say positive things about yourself and your appearance. :)

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  • Anonymous asked a question 5 hours ago
    Anonymous Hi! I heard you live in Pittsburgh and I was wondering, do you like it there? I'm looking at University of Pittsburgh for college in the fall; I'm accepted but I don't know if I should go! What do you think of the area and do you know anything/have you heard anything about the school? Thanks so much! Hope you are having a lovely day!

    I love it here, though it took me awhile to really appreciate it. I was also accepted to Pitt but I ended up going to CMU instead. I had a lot of friends at Pitt though and spent a lot of time around the campus, as the two colleges are right in the same neighborhood. The area is lots of fun and there’s always art, music and literary events going on. I don’t know what other schools you’re looking at, or what departments you’re thinking of going into, but Pitt will definitely offer you a solid education and the area and student life will give you lots to do. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the area : )

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  • Anonymous asked a question 6 hours ago
    Anonymous Lol Alexia is totally right about you

    Yeah, okay Alexia.


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  • Anonymous asked a question 7 hours ago
    Anonymous Whats ur opinion on RubyReed?


    Ewww D:

    Another really ugly “fitblr” who talks shit and doesn’t know anything lol

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    I have just discovered a filter named “glamour glow” and it has changed my life.

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  • make-ready asked a question 8 hours ago
    make-ready I came to ask a thing but stared at the water gif on your blog for a solid 3 minutes instead. Tell us about your very first best/close friend!

    Isn’t that thing awesome? Sometimes I stare at it too — it’s so relaxing!

    I’m actually lucky enough to have several close friends. In fact, I’m still friends with 5+ girls I went to preschool with. I must have gone to a pretty badass preschool because I still think those chicks are awesome!

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  • rubyreed published a text post 8 hours ago
    If 99% of your asks are from anons

    it’s pretty obvious you’re sending them to yourself.

    Just saying.

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    I added three new pairs of earrings to my Etsy shop today! Stop by and check them out!

    Also, I’m still running my sale — use promo code “save50” to get 50% off orders of $50 or more. Woo!

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  • aesthetics-and-kinetics asked a question 10 hours ago
    aesthetics-and-kinetics How's Crunch fitness?? I saw a huge ad for it on my way home from the gym last night and thought of you!

    It’s good! I’ve been slacking a bit but I’ve tried three different classes so far and loved them all! I’m hoping to try another one soon. I definitely prefer it to Planet Fitness just because they have classes and some equipment I like better (like proper squat racks). :)

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